South Africa's Best Kept Secret

Cap Classique (colloquially known as MCC) is our South African ‘version’ of Champagne.  It is made using the same technical , sophisticated and traditional method as Champagne with the wine undergoing second fermentation in bottles and being matured for a minimum period of twelve months.  

With award winning winemakers, soils that mimic the terroir of Champagne and the perfect climate for growing Champagne grapes, the only difference between Cap Classique and Champagne is the name! As you probably know - only Champagnes made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France, are able to label themselves as Champagne.

With our incredible wine-growing regions and innovative winemakers, many of South Africa’s Cap Classiques are considered to be on par with (or some say better than) French Champagne.  

For decades, Cap Classique has been one of the few South African wine varieties to remain a closely guarded secret. However, since Obama served Cap Classique at his inauguration, the secret is out. 

We are a bubbly friendship turned business, born through the common passion of Cap Classique, and we invite you to join us on our journey.


Photo Credit: WOSA, Pieter Ferreira - The Award Winning Winemaker who Won over Obama

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