South African Wine Farms Close during 21 day Lockdown [Covid -19]

As of 26 March 2020, South Africa is in total lockdown for 21 days.  This means no-one is allowed to leave their houses except for medical care and to buy essentials such as food, beverage, health and hygiene products.   The selling of all tobacco and alcohol products have been strictly prohibited in South Africa during the lockdown.    This has meant that all wine farms by instruction of the President of South Africa have been forced to close in an effort to flatten the curve on Covid-19.  As South Africa nears its completion of Harvest 2020, it was announced that wine farms were allowed to  complete the harvest and take the necessary cellar processes to ensure that the crop is not  “wasted“ - a huge relief for the entire wine industry during this challenging time.

Whilst peoples health have to take top priority, this decision has a significant impact on the South African Wine Industry.  The Cape’s wine industry is one of the largest export-orientated agricultural value-chains, with a contribution of R49 billion to the GDP (  The local wine industry also provides about 290 000 jobs, to many labourers and seasonal workers, and wine tourism is one of the Cape’s biggest contributors to the economy.  Stopping trade has no doubt placed huge strain on our businesses, and only time will tell how long it will take to recover.  

At this point in time, we still have stock available of most of our favourite bubbles in our London warehouse, which can be easily purchased online and delivered to your door.    Thank you for supporting South African Wine during this time - and please stay safe.

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