Save SA Wine !

South Africa has been in its third alcohol ban of the last twelve months since December. This puts tremendous cashflow pressure on many of the wine farms that have had more than50% of their revenue cut overnight, but with the 2021 harvest rapidly approaching there is another relatively unseen pressure hitting the farms.

Many farms are small, family run operations that have limited cellar and barrel space. Usually they would have bottled and sold the wine that is now sitting patiently in the barrels - freeing up cash and space for the looming harvest.

Without local sales, many farms cannot afford to bottle - and with backlogged cellars there isn’t space for the new harvest. Farms now have to choose between large cash outflows to complete their bottling process, or simply to loose an entire harvest.

So how can you help?! 

Export sales are now more important than ever to South African farms - it is the only legal way that they can sell their wine & survive this global pandemic. We will offer free delivery to anyone buying two cases or more in the next two weeks - lets pull together, and #SaveSAWine!

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