How To Sabrage - A Great Skill To Learn During Lockdown

The end of lockdown is in sight, and what better skill to learn during the (hopefully!) final weeks of lockdown than how to “Sabrage”.  It's one of our favourite party tricks - and it's a great excuse to open a bottle of Cap Classique. 

What is Sabrage?

Sabrage is simply a technique for opening a Champagne or Cap Classique bottle with a sabre (sword), which is traditionally used for ceremonial occasions.  Here at Cap Classique we believe in celebrating every day, and decided that it was time we learnt how to open our Cap Classique in style.


Sabrage looks a lot more intimidating than it is. It may take a little bit of practice (so now you have an excuse to open a bottle of Cap Classique or two at the weekend, but you can complete the process. What better skill to learn during lockdown?!

Before You Start

  1.  Get a sword. Or, if you don’t have one to hand you can use most types of knives. Your sabre of choice doesn’t have to be terribly sharp but it should be thick and sturdy, with sides that are flat and parallel to each other. 
  2. Select a bottle - we recommend Cap Classique, but any traditional method sparkling wine such as Champagne or Cremant will work. This technique will not work with Prosecco - there isn’t enough pressure in the bottle!
  3. Choose your location! A cork can go flying 20ft, and there will be a lot of force so make sure you have enough space
  4. Chill your bottle - remove the label from the neck and remove any condensation from the bottle 

How To Saber A Bottle of Cap Classique 
  1. Find the seam (the line running down one side of the neck to the middle of the bottle
  2. Remove the metal cage from over the top
  3. Hold the bottle at a 30 degree angle. Make sure you hold the bottle with your non dominant hand, and put your thumb in the indentation for support
  4. Rest the blade of the sword on the neck of the bottle- the dull edge should face the cork
  5. Note the point where the ring at the top of the bottle meets the neck at the point of the seam - this is the weakest point of the bottle and what you’re aiming for 
  6. Take a few practice slides (like you would a golf swing) to get a feeling for the motion
  7. With confidence and firm pressure slide your sword of choice along the seam of the bottle connecting with the ring (annulus) at the top of the neck 
  8. Double check that the bottle broke cleanly & to be safe we recommend wiping the top of the bottle with a cloth

Now it's time to pour yourself a glass and enjoy! If you try this at home, don't forget to take a picture and tag us on Instagram! 

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