Discover the Cape, with Cap Classique

In unparalleled times, when travel has been banned and we are required to stay indoors, we reflect on the magnificent beauty of Cape Town.   Home to our beloved Cap Classique, Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city that has become renowned for its intense natural beauty, golden sunshine, spectacular wine and world class cuisine. 

Clifton, Cape Town photo by Kyle Cut Media

That first glimpse of Table Mountain as you fly in over it’s spectacular coastline where the two oceans meet, will leave you utterly breathless.    A city of innate beauty that together with its complex history, rich heritage and extremely diverse culture, has also become a melting pot for the avant-garde.  Yes it is here at the southern most tip of Africa that locals are no longer afraid to shake up the pre-established codes of their industries, and are constantly inventing and reinventing themselves.   You can clearly see this in its chic hotels, hip bars, world class restaurants, thriving art scene and most of all Cap Classique. 

Franschhoek vineyards - photo by Matthijs van Schuppen

Franschhoek vineyards: Photo credit to Matthijs van Schuppen

Yes from the vibrant Cape comes Cap Classique, a sparkling wine made according to the classic champagne method whereby South Africa's most innovative wine farmers are working closely with their unique environments to produce internationally award winning bubbles.  Cool sea breezes, consistent golden sunshine and generations of wine making dedication, does help - and all culminates in a vivacious and dazzling sparkling wine - a true reflection of this unique place.  

Cape Town absolutely spoils visitors for choice in terms of opportunities to eat, drink and discover - and all at incredible value to the Pound!  Only a 12 hour direct flight from the UK (no jet lag!) we encourage you to visit and let yourself be pulled to this vibrant and welcoming land.  


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