Cap Classique & Food Pairings: Ideas for Date Night

One of the positives to come out of the COVID-19 crisis is the amount of additional time we've been able to spend with our partners at home. We were forced to get creative with "date night" and one of our favourites was a "food and wine pairing" night. As you know - we are INCREDIBLY passionate about all things Cap Classique, and so we bring you our favourite Cap Classique and food pairing recommendations to inspire you to create your own at home date night experience.

To Start: Oysters & Simonsig Cuvée Royale

Its an old cliché, but few things go better with Cap Classique than fresh oysters - if your local fishmonger is open we recommend placing a contactless order & treating yourself to oysters to kick off date night in style. To balance the slight acidity of the oysters we recommend a creamy Blanc de Blancs. Simonsig's Cuvée Royale spends four years on the lees developing a luscious biscuity flavour, and perfectly balances the oysters - especially if you add a hint of Tabasco.

We're now day dreaming of the day we can enjoy oysters & Cuvée Royale in Simonsig's garden.

Cuvee Royale currently available from Cap Classique at £22 for a limited time only.

Alternative Starter: Parma Ham & Red Figs with The Genie by Silverthorn

If you're not convinced by oysters, we highly recommend the simple (but delicious) combination of Parma Ham and Red Figs paired The Genie. Our mouths melt just thinking of the saltiness of the parma ham combined with the sweetness of the figs and the spiciness of the 100% Shiraz The Genie.

Most sparkling rosés are made from Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier grapes. Not The Genie.  Embracing the free-willed spirit of the Genie and breaking all the rules, the husband wife (and dog!) team at Silverthorn opted for something far more daring and exotic, and used Shiraz, an ancient grape variety, originating from Persia.

For Delivery: Sushi with a side of Kaapse Vonkel

Let's face it - we've all done more cooking & dishwasher stacking in the last couple of months than the last few years put together! Now that delivery services are fully operational again, we definitely deserve to treat ourselves to the odd Deliveroo or Uber Eats.  Over order on the sushi and pop open a bottle of the timeless Kaapse Vonkel.

Kaapse Vonkel, which literally translates as "Cape Sparkle" was the very first Cap Classique produced in 1971. Still made by the same family three generations later, its hard to go wrong with this one!

For Desert: Strawberries & Cream with Dainty Bess

We might not be enjoying Strawberries & Cream on Henman Hill this Summer, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy them at home instead! Keep desert simple by pairing strawberries and cream with the ever so light Dainty Bess.

Named after the free flowering, creamy pink Dainty Bess rose, the Dainty Bess Cap Classique is a delicate salmon pink in colour. Spending almost three years on the lees, Dainty Bess has hints of raspberry fruit, light yeasty aromas and a hint of spice on the nose.


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