Cap Classique Challenge 2020, Hong Kong

It's only fitting that on #CapClassiqueDay, 1st September, we show you a little challenge that took place recently in the ever dynamic city of Hong Kong with some of Hong Kong's most renowned sommeliers and wine professionals. 

Wines of South Africa Hong Kong decided to put up some of South Africa's favourite Cap Classique's against some of the worlds most well known Champagnes to see how they faired in a blind tasting...

It was a battle of South African Traditional Method vs Champagne all to celebrate the wonderful #CapClassiqueDay.

See link below and have a watch to see the results and who came out on tops!

Perhaps something fun to try at home or with some friends in the near future..? I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results - let us know how it goes! :) 


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