Cap Classique. A Love Story

Here at the Cap Classique Headquarters in London we couldn't be more passionate about our favourite sparkling wine.  This month, our founders share with you why they love South Africa's beautiful bubbles so darn much. 

Megan Kritzinger: Call it Magic! 

"My love of Cap Classique is something that truly captures my soul. I don't know if it's the many years of creativity and resilience led by the great women of Champagne (Madame Bollinger, Perrier, Pommery and Clicquot to name a few!) or perhaps the innovation of our local South African winemakers who in their own way created something new with Cap Classique. Maybe it's the sheer beauty of our majestic lands and perfect terroir?! So many factors that contribute towards my love for the bubble.   All I know is that when you sit down and take your first sip of  Cap Classique, the worries of the world disappears and you just know you're part of something magical"🥂♥️🥂

Emma Heap: True Beauty!

"I fell in love with Cap Classique in the Cape Winelands - for me it truly captures the magical nature of South Africa. There is more to Cap Classique than first meets the eye- I love how it upholds the tradition and passion of Champagne, whilst being experimental and constantly pushing the boundaries of it’s category. I love both the deep briochey notes of a blanc de blanc, and the light strawberry flavour of a brut rose. Every glass is different, and for me that is the true beauty of Cap Classique".


Adrian Kritzinger: An exceptional wine category! 

"My passion for Cap Classique is slightly removed from what most see inside the bottle, but rather comes from the appreciation of the many unique hands outside of it. Witnessing first-hand the passion, skill, attention, craftsmanship and most importantly time that goes into each and every bottle of Cap Classique, it is this respect and awe that has me gripped with the category and why I have so grown to appreciate it each and every time I open a bottle. It’s not necessarily the ingredients on the label, but rather the ingredients of the people outside of it that make the category so special and exceptional, and why it deserves to shine on the world stage".

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