About us

Cap Classique UK, is a bubbly friendship turned business, born through the common passion of South Africa’s very own prized sparkling wine – Cap Classique!

Known for its novel new world style, while remaining true to the essence, technique and tradition of fine Champagne – we decided its time for Cap Classique to take centre stage. Our aim is to showcase this to a greater audience and give Cap Classique brand, a worldwide platform to shine and sparkle like it does in South Africa.

We have a presence in Cape Town and London, which enables us to source Cap Classique locally in South Africa and promote, trade and grow the Cap Classique brand on the shores of the UK . We have developed personal relationships with each and every wine farm we currently represent and continue to strive to build further connections with the many amazing producers looking to explore entry into new markets.

We strive to make Cap Classique accessible to each and every one and for all occasions, whether done via our online platform, through weddings, events, tasting, retailing, restaurants or through bespoke and carefully curated and sourced individual bottles for private clientele – we ultimately want to share and develop our love for Cap Classique with other likeminded bubbly drinkers.

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