Cap Classique

In 1992, the Champagne-style sparkling wines produced in the Western Cape became officially known as Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) wines.

Chardonnay is usually the predominant grape, the noblest of all white grapes for its finesse and elegance, offset by a bright acidity.

A great Chardonnay evokes taste descriptions such as “buttery lemon”,“nutty” and in some cases,“tropical fruit”.

MCCs are now produced in most wine regions in the Western Cape.

The Robertson Valley, and specifically Graham Beck, have traditionally been considered producers of South Africa’s best MCC.

This accolade is increasingly challenged by Franschhoek, with 24 MCC producers and some of the most innovative and progressive winemakers in the Western Cape.

We partner with boutique wine farms in the Western Cape who share our vision to introduce the European market to MCC.

We have curated a selection of our favourite Cap Classique wines for you to enjoy with loved ones. Whether its a romantic dinner for two, a dinner party, special occasion or a summer garden party we have the perfect bubbles for you to enjoy.